Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I chopped down a tree

I chopped down a tree today. (Actually a few days ago)

After which I farted and scratched while marveling at the destructive capabilities of a true man.

Happy Earth Day!!

As many of you can read---my husband posted this. I love trees, but in our defense this tree was really ugly and dying and we had to chop it down to build something in its place. We are not tree hating people- more like tree hugging type.

Hug a tree today in memory of our tree.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A new post is due...

I figured I've kept all you blog stalkers waiting in suspense long enough. Life is good, married to the hottest woman on Earth, have two kids(we call our dogs kids, less of a time commitment and much nicer), found out that I am so popular that 14 messages have accumulated since my last post(woo woooo), and found they sell mini frozen pies, of all flavors, at your local frozen food section. Just enough for one or two people. Life is good.

Here is a quick update:
January was cold, snowy, and I had fun. My better half would have rather gone South with the birds. Plenty of snowshoeing, summitted two peaks to snowboarded down, lots of deer, moose and elk. I found myself waking up to go back to school in an attempt to become smarter. We also took a quick trip to Colorado to visit some good friends. We went to a neat little town(Ouray) that is world famous for their ice climbing, so we checked it out from the so conveniently placed hot springs.

We skipped February for some reason, at least to my remembrance. I'm sure Leah would attest that in fact it did happen and we participated in many things.
March was the month I had been waiting for since last year. Although, our three year anniversary was an important date(March 5) it was slightly overshadowed by March 6th. Jack, our new puppy, arrived in the evening. After Vixen died, the breeder promised the pick of the litter the next time around. We gladly accepted his offer and are now paying for it. Lots of peeing and pooping in the house and razor sharp teeth. Also plenty of puppy breath and eyes that will melt your heart.

April is still here and I cant wait for it to be over. The semester is almost over, freedom until summer semester starts. Although, the month of May will be spent studying for the LSAT. Jack has gained over 15 pounds and growing fast.
He got his dunce hat off and now has taped horns for ears. I also quit working with Coldwell Banker and now work with a neighbor's company, Salt Lake Investment Co. Lots more opportunity and really enjoying the move. Leah has been revamping her schedule to accommodate more students...if you want a spot you should give her a call. We have been trying to cook more and have been exploring many types of foods and new recipes. If you have any you would like to share, please do.

Gardening has already started as I have turned our flowerbeds into greenhouses. We have a plethora of flowers, fruits and vegetables planted. It seems like all the work we put into that thing would would be able to survive through the winter, but I'm sure there is less than two weeks worth of food. But its fun nonetheless.
I finally finished Leah's music studio in the garage, pictures later. It looks pretty good, but I would definitely do things differently if I had to do it again. The best part is, with the rest of the garage I was able to make into a man lair.
This should satisfy all you stalkers for a while. If your lucky I might post before the month is over...