About Us

We are the Stone Family. Me (Leah), PAUL, jack, & Charlie.  I like to think I am the funny one (but sadly I fear the truth is I am the obnoxious one), Paul the contemplative and patient one,  Jack the sensitive one, and Charlie the bossy one.

Jack and Charlie are our two dogs.  Charlie, a 17 pound slightly pudgy min pin, plays big brother to his little brother Jack, a 90 pound doberman.

We just moved from Virginia right outside of Washington, D.C. to Boulder, Colorado.  We just finished grad school.  I own my own music studio called Charlie Pants Music, and Paul works for an awesome company called RedFin. 

Charlie, Leah, Paul, Jack
Charlie and Leah
Paul-(see what I mean about contemplative)
Paul-contemplating (every picture he is making this face)