Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Time in Disneyland

For Christmas my (Leah's) parents gave the whole family a trip to Disneyland! Charlie and I met my family at the Long Beach airport and were so excited to see all of them. Counting myself and nieces and nephews and in-laws I believe there was 16 of us total (2 were MIA as they couldn't get work off, my bro-in-law Aaron and my hubby Paul--sad for them). How do you get 16 people from the airport to the hotel if the hotel doesn't offer a shuttle from the airport and you don't need to or want to rent lots of cars? By traveling in a quadruple stretched hummer limo---that's how!

Charlie wasn't so sure about the Disney Characters.

But he was definitely positive that he was a Prince and therefore deserved his own chariot!

Charlie deserved all royalty treatment since because of him I was given a special guest pass that allowed me to get in front of all the lines on all of the rides. I could get 6 people on the ride with me too. So I did a lot of riding on rides---I would ride a ride while someone sat with Charlie and I would take 6 people with me and then I would get 6 more people and do the ride again. Some rides Charlie could go on, like all the kid rides and Pirates of the Caribbean, but definitely not any of the roller-coasters or fast rides. So if anyone is planning a trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld---you should bring Charlie and me along with you. My nieces and nephews called Charlie the "Golden Special Pass"!

Disneyland was so amazing to me and Charlie--I was never discriminated against because I had a service dog. I actually saw about 5 or 6 other service dogs in the park during the 4 days we were there. Thanks Disneyland for being awesome!

I actually ran into my bestest friend Tracy while at Disneyland and also my sis-in-law (Paul's sis) Annaliese. It was fun to see both of them as well. I think they liked running into me even more because I took them on like 5 rides in an hour.

Overall, Disneyland was a blast with my family. We rang in the New Year at Disney and just had an amazing time. Mom and Dad you guys are so amazing for planning this great trip and thank you so so much!
xoxoxoxo much love xoxoxoxo

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