Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Custom Pet Portraits

Get a custom oil portrait of your pet.  It is the perfect gift to remember your loving best friend forever. Contact me about pricing and to place an order


Monday, April 9, 2012

Buying a Home

So Paul and I are in the midst of buying a house which as many of you know if fun, exciting, and sometimes annoying.  It is a cute yellow bungalow in a great neighborhood for making good friends, doggie play dates, and families. I am really hoping it all works out smoothly.  I have been pinning things like crazy that I want to do to the house, but the first order of business is this...
11827 OSCEOLA St, Westminster, CO 80031 
The house is yellow with white (possibly cream) trim which is adorable.  The shingles up above are not so adorable, they are light pink. Yeah you heard me, light pink.  The picture doesn't show the nature of this situation, but trust me a yellow and pink house is not a good combination. So immediately when we move in I want to pain the shingles a different color so I am taking votes.  I am thinking a nice gray would look great or even just continue the yellow up above on the shingles.  What do you think?