Friday, July 13, 2012

Turning 30

Luckily Paul turns older first.  He turns the big 3-0 tomorrow.  I turn the big 3-0 on Tuesday.  We are heading down to New Mexico for a fun, romantic weekend getaway.  We will be relaxing in Red River, Taos, and Santa Fe.  If you have been to any of these places and have any advice on things to do, eat, play, etc that would be great.

I have been thinking a lot about turning 30.  A year ago turning 29 was miserable, I just kept thinking "Damn I am gonna be old next year."  Isn't that funny to think that 30 is old?  I have now had time to let it sink in that 30 isn't even close to old.  Someone told me that 30's are for getting comfortable in your skin and knowing what is important in life.  I can feel that taking hold and am excited for it to root.

So dear Paul here are the 30 most memorable things so far

1.  You are the master of the Honey Dew list (thank you for building and fixing just about anything I can dream up and ask for).

2.  Remember when you chopped down that huge tree at our Sugarhouse house and you thought you were so awesome?

3. Our whale watch adventure while in Maui, although we only saw the tale of a whale and it wasn't all too exciting at least I could provide you with enjoyment while puking over the side of the boat.

4.  You gave me Mr. Charlie Pants.  I remember tiny paw prints walking up my chest and a wet tongue licking my face to wake me up one glorious day.  He is a freaking awesome dog.

5. Buying our house in Sugarhouse (Salt Lake City, Utah) and all the many projects you did (mudroom, raised flower beds, outdoor room, my garage vocal studio, the yard and sprinkler system, so many more...)

6. Selling our house in Sugarhouse, (Utah) and moving across the country to Washington DC to go to graduate school together.

7. Our Fall Foliage trip back East  1,776 miles driven over 12 states in 4 1/2 days

8.  Our two week adventure through Italy. Although I wasn't allowed to take a picture of the David Statue you helped me sneak one anyways and somehow it turned out to be an embarrassing picture of just his weiner.

9.  Getting pulled over by Italian cops while in Italy and me eating an entire bag of Fruitellas (kind of like mumbas).

10. The many bike races.  Some that include not so fond memories (you forgot to register and bring cash as only way to register on race day) or when you did the whole race but somehow was no where to be found on the finish card.  and great memories like when we were dating and I went to your Deer Valley race to hand out water and screamed so loudly for you that other parents asked me to yell for their boys too.

11.  Calling me up to ask me if I put glass in your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

12. Graduating together with our Master's Degrees.

13. Packing up the moving truck yet again and heading to Colorado to explore the Rockies.

14. When you cut your toe on an escalator at Eddie Bauer's while in Chicago. Honestly babe, who does that?

15. How much you loved our first doberman Vixen.

16. How you and our current doberman Jack are BFFs.  Although I get jealous cause you cuddle with him more than with me, I think it is sweet of the love between a boy and his dog.

17. Buying our home in Colorado. Man I love this house.

18.  Making out with you when we were dating.  I just loved dating you. You were a great boyfriend.  A great husband too, but it is always fun to look back at those young moments of love.

19. Our first kiss at the drive-in in Rexburg. You got a cool old red truck and put a mattress in the back. I am pretty sure you had the whole thing planned. I am pretty sure we "watched" the "Planet of the Apes" and I think "Legally Blonde".

20. When we used to send cassette tapes to each other while you were heading to Russia so we could still hear each other's voices.  So romantic and sweet of us.

21. Watching you graduate with you Bachelor's. I was so stinking proud.

22. How everyone thought you were gay while in your undergraduate cause you were so hot and dressed well and rode the red scooter with matching helmet to school.  Best compliment I say :)

23. Our beloved movie watching marathons.

24.  Riding that motorcycle up in Rexburg and riding in the tractor on the farm.

25.  Our road trip of the Southern States Spring Break of 2011.  What a fun trip. Remember how scared I was on the crocodiles and wouldn't sleep in the tent with you? Haha.

26.  You giggle gets me everytime.

27. Taking art class together.  Remember that horribly ugly baby you drew?

28. I love eating the creations you make in the kitchen.

29.  Our trip to Australia to visit my dad and mom in Adelaide.  How cool was it to pet a Koala, feed giraffees, and feed baby kangaroos.  Remember how freaked you were that they were going to kick you so you kind of kept running from them with trepidation?

30. Our wedding day in Hawaii.  That was really something special. Love you babe.

I have so many more and have a hard time thinking of all the good ones on the spot, but know that I love you. Happy 30th Babe.