Sunday, September 27, 2009

To Be or Not to Be...That is the Question.

Paul and I went to NYC last weekend. There is this amazing bus called the Bolt bus that drives from downtown DC to downtown NYC in about 4 hours. We saw the oh so sexy and scrumptious Jude Law play Hamlet in Shakespeare's Hamlet on Broadway. Jude Law is incredibly talented and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. If I wasn't already married I would have waited around at the stage door to see if Jude Law wanted to kiss me or marry me. I would have been satisfied if he even groped me a little! Alas, I was faithful to Paul--Blah!

More pictures will come of NYC when I upload them from the camera. We also went to Central Park and the Met Steps so I could feel like I was a part of Gossip Girl, xoxo L.

So Paul and I have been major slackers when it comes to posting anything new on our blog. Let me tell you what we have been up to since we moved out to DC.

July- settled into our house and toured around the city. Also Paul and I turned 27!

We went out to a Mexican Restaurant for Paul's Birthday and I told the waiter to sing and dance for Paul-so he did just that and made us wear sombreros!

Leah's Birthday

Went to see 42nd Street at Wolf Trap (an outdoor theater in a National Park), it was fabulous and very beautiful.

View of the stage. We sat on the lawn and had a picnic just like everyone else.

Hanging out with my new friends at the Dairy Godmother (the best Custard around) in Alexandria, Virginia.
(left to right: me, Sarah, Tiffany, and Emily with baby Dean)

The Pier

Shopping. Isn't this a cute street!

Hanging out with Van Gogh. I love his self portrait. I am at the National Gallery of Art.
With friend Sarah outside the National Gallery of Art. Look close cause Charlie was cold and is inside my red bag.

Paul and I are having a fabulous time. We bought a guest bed if anyone wants to come visit us and see the sights. We have made great friends out here. My music teaching is doing fabulous! School is great. I am doing a master's in arts in Arts Management and am really liking my program and classes and Paul is doing a master's in Conflict Resolution and is working on opening his own practice to do mediation and conflict resolution.

The fall is beginning and when the trees start changing colors I will post some pictures!