Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ah To Be Charlie

Now that it is getting rainy and colder in Virginia, I have had to come up with a way to take Charlie with me, since he has to come with me as my seizure- alert service dog. I am going for trying to keep him warm and covered from the rain. Charlie has no undercoat and is freezing all the time.

I have tried

1. Sweaters: problem is they don't work cause Charlie pees on them and then they stink-plus his feet are always cold.

2. Baby sling: I sewed him a baby sling wrap thing, problem is that he is too fat to carry when walking the mile to the metro.

3. Dog stroller: I didn't actually get him one of these, but totally wanted one until I realized people would want to see my cute baby and out would pop Charlie.

4. Rolling scrapbook supply carrier (thanks Melissa for letting me steal this from you): this works perfectly. I can put my laptop and schoolbooks in here plus Charlie lays down inside with a blanket and is covered up from the rain. He is so spoiled. This way I don't look like too big of a rich babe/Paris Hilton wannabe cause no one can actually see him when I am pulling him around outside.

This is Charlie relaxing while I am in class.

If only I can get Paul to carry me around in a big rolling case with a blanket, my life would be complete.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

I am Proud to Have a Brother who is Brave

This time of year always makes me think of family and having gratitude for those serving our country, especially those who will be away from loved ones this holiday season. While organizing photos, I saw this photo of my brother and knew I had to post it if not for the shear fact of showing off how handsome he looks in his uniform.

I am so proud of Aaron for serving our country. He is a honorable man and I am so amazed by his love for his family, country and for keeping America safe and free. He was in the 82nd Airborne Unit in the Army. For those of you who don't know what that is - it means my brother is a BAD ASS.

Here is the mission of the 82nd Airborne
"Within 18 hours of notification, strategically deploy, conduct forcible entry parachute assault and secure key objectives for follow-on military operations in support of U.S. national interests. No other military unit can respond more rapidly and effectively to conflict anywhere in the world than the 82nd Airborne Division. Known as "America's Guard of Honor," the 82nd is widely recognized as one of the most powerful forces in America's military arsenal."

So yes, my brother jumps out of airplanes.

Four years ago, Aaron was off fighting in Iraq over Christmas and it was so hard to not have him home. My heart goes out to all the families and soldiers who fight and are away this season. May God keep you safe and return you home to your families, just like He did for my family.

Aaron's son Hayden, Like Father like Son

Model for a Day

Paul's mom, Shari, came in town to spend time with Paul and I and we have been having a great time. Yesterday we went to Harper's Ferry in West Virginia. Shari is a fabulous photographer and she took a couple of headshots of me and all of these photos in this posting. Tell me what you think...which one is good enough to use on my website for teaching?

Other Pictures of us at Harper's Ferry

We also saw the movie "Julie & Julia" about Julia Child and a so we had to go the Museum of American History to see Julia Child's kitchen.

Ruby Slippers Judy Garland wore in the "Wizard of Oz"

White House

Obama's Body Guard

Church in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Oh by the way...did I mention that Paul and I are having 19-20 people over for Thanksgiving in Virginia. Yikes! My party got bigger than expected, but hey the more the merrier I say --as long as there is room for everyone. Thank goodness I have Shari here to help me cook, or else it would be a huge disaster or burned turkey and lumpy gravy. I will keep you posted on how it goes.