Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Importance of Leaving a Note

Some of you may have seen this on my facebook the other day, but since I think it is so funny I am posting it here as well.  So the other day I woke up and Paul had left on a bike ride.  Because of Jack's current situation we have to give him antibiotics and pain meds and I didn't know if Paul had given them to Jack.  I kept trying to call Paul, but since he was out riding he wasn't answering his phone. Argh!

I found this great video as a way to teach Paul the importance of always leaving a note.  Thanks Arrested Development for never failing to make me laugh.  The moral of the story is always leave a note of where you are going, when you will be back, and anything else of importance like I gave the dog his meds.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun Blog: Ampersand Design Studio

Have you heard of this awesome blog Ampersand Design Studio?  If not then you need to check it out.  Every post has these fabulous photo collages with lots of great colors, images, and fun ideas.  I just love their Etsy Shop as well. Ampersand Design Studio is ran by 2 friends Carrie and Morgan who live in Kansas. They remind me a lot of me and my buddy Jo.

I want this bike picture so badly. Isn't it adorable? It also comes in a melamine platter. Love It!
Here is a great example of their posts.  I also have posted about them in the past HERE and HERE. Keep up the fun posts.

The weather here in Kansas City has been perfect. If we weren't buried up to our eyeballs in work, we would be packing up the picnic basket and eating al fresco. Would our picnic look like this? Unlikely, but we can dream.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Help Me Boost My Followers

I ask you to help me spread the word of my blogs.  If there is a blog of mine that you follow, I would love it if you would do a facebook post, twitter post, or blog post about the blog or something I have written about and link them to the blog. Also, send me the link so I can check it out!!

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I appreciate all the continued readership and hope to expand it even more!  Have a great weekend.

If anyone has a story about a product, event, or something you love that you would like to share I would love to post it here. Just send me an email and I will talk with you about posting it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lots Going On With the Dogs

We have had a bit of excitement around here with our dogs this last week.

1.  Charlie did a stellar job of alerting me of a seizure this past Saturday.  Click HERE to read about it.

2. Jack had emergency surgery.  Check it out HERE.

3. We had to construct a dog potty station for our now injured pup.  Give it a LOOK.

Other than that we are all doing well and excited to have a relaxing weekend with only good things and no more health issues.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Proposals

I saw the cutest wedding proposal on the Cup of Jo blog today.  Check it out.

Jake wanted to propose to his girlfriend Kristina, so he started a whisper chain through 59 people, a new world record. His message ("Kristina, will you marry me?") slowly passed from person to person, around the crowded room, until it finally reached the last person: Kristina herself. Shocked, she jumped, shrieked and accepted. How cute is that?

(By Jake, via Swiss-miss)

So the question I ask is how did your special someone pop the question?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Dinner Parties

I want to have a dinner party. I have 2 problems

1. I don't know very many people in Denver/Boulder
2. I don't have a yard

Check out this great table done by JL Designs. 
The whole spread can be seen HERE check it out it is beautiful.

green succulents spilled out of white ceramic vases from ikea...

the glass candles hanging on our wall are from cb2 and they are a steal at $2.00 each!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday: Heading to Colorado Springs

Happy Friday everyone!  Is anybody doing anything fun this weekend?  Paul and I are packing up the dogs and the car and heading to beautiful Colorado Springs to see Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods, and the Olympic training center. I am pretty excited.

PS. If you have kids and are going out this weekend you should read this great idea so you can keep the party going all night. I read it and thought it was clever. Check it out HERE at Cup of Jo Blog.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Body Media Fit Spokesbody: Go Owen

This is a friend of mine from my childhood and I just think this is way impressive. He has lost 60 lbs using Body Media Fit and his transformation is inspiring. Check it out. I hope you win Owen.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving and Colorado

Well I never made a major announcement, but Paul and I packed up the moving truck and journeyed back West.  We now live half way between Denver and Boulder in a fantastic area called Broomfield, Colorado.  We are really excited to be here and bike the mountains again and enjoy the dry non humid air.

We live in a great place called Bradburn Row in a very cute townhouse.  We can walk everywhere we need to go and so I really love that. Paul's mom helped us drive out and my parents came to Denver to help us move in.  We are so grateful for all their help, as well as the help from some dear friends in Virginia and Denver.  Your help will be forever appreciated. Thank You so much!!!