Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving and Colorado

Well I never made a major announcement, but Paul and I packed up the moving truck and journeyed back West.  We now live half way between Denver and Boulder in a fantastic area called Broomfield, Colorado.  We are really excited to be here and bike the mountains again and enjoy the dry non humid air.

We live in a great place called Bradburn Row in a very cute townhouse.  We can walk everywhere we need to go and so I really love that. Paul's mom helped us drive out and my parents came to Denver to help us move in.  We are so grateful for all their help, as well as the help from some dear friends in Virginia and Denver.  Your help will be forever appreciated. Thank You so much!!!

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Sarah said...

Leah - I can't believe in the two years you lived in VA we didn't get together!!!! Sadness that it's too late now :( Congrats on your masters and your new adventure. Hope all is well.