Friday, May 20, 2011

I Graduate Today

Yippee! Today I will graduate with my Masters of Arts in Arts Management and a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and Marketing.  On Thursday I was honored with the Director's Award for outstanding Leadership to help advance the Arts Management Program. I am very excited and touched to receive such an award.

Anyways, just thought I would share the good news that today at 2 pm I will official be done with Grad School! I am hoping I can make everyone call me Master Leah for at least the rest of the weekend.

PS. Paul graduates this Saturday! Oh and Charlie will be walking with me across the stage with a green graduation cap. Check out his pre photo shoot HERE.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

You better post a pic of you and charlie walking across the stage! :) And I just saw your charlie pants music logo. I love it!