Monday, May 2, 2011

Done With Grad School


Tonight was my last grad school class as a student.  I have two more classes as a TA for another class, but all I have to do is sit there and observe final projects, but tonight was my last class as a student.  It was bitter sweet.  I am tickled to be done with school and in awe that I made it and that these two years have gone by fairly fast. 

I loved my program. I have made dear friends with other students, teachers, and directors.  The Arts Management Graduate Degree at George Mason University is a fantastic degree filled with relevant information, great professors, and exciting classes.  I will miss it dearly. The homework not so much, but the feeling of learning something new and the feeling of being energized by learning about working in the arts I will miss so much.  I hope to find a teaching job in this field or a related field like PR, Marketing, music, or business management.  I guess that will be step 2.

Ahh...tonight I might just watch a movie in bed. And tomorrow I am sleeping in until 10 am. Tomorrow night I may watch another movie. Any suggestions?  The joys of no more school.

Graduation Day is May 20.
PS. Did I tell you that I am getting some mystery award at graduation?  I don't know what, but I am hoping it is awesome.


Lauren said...

Congratulations Leah! What a great accomplishment!!

DeanD said...

Yeah, Leah! Woohoo!!!