Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Charlie Survived His Surgery

Charlie had his surgery yesterday.  They removed 3 larger tumors (his neck, front leg, and back leg), 3 smaller tumor-like looking bumps we asked to have removed, and his right lymph node on his neck. He had to stay the night at the Cancer Center.  It was heartbreaking, but not as heartbreaking as seeing him today. I was not prepared for how big his incisions would be.  The Dr. explained that the incisions are so big so they can get clean margins around the tumor to make sure they get all the cancer.  We wont know if they got all the cancer until next week.  Fingers crossed!!!

He is not very happy and I hope he will forgive me one day.  Sorry Charlie Pants.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Charlie Pants Has Cancer

I am so sad to report, but my precious seizure-alert service dog Charlie Pants has 3 different mast cell tumors.  We found out this past Monday while making an emergency trip to the vet for Charlie to get some stitches on his ear (he cut his ear on a rose bush and hit a vein while we were out walking).  While the vet was stitching him up we asked her to examine some weird looking lumps, one on his neck, one on his front leg, and one on his back leg.  The bumps on his legs looked like tiny blisters so we didn't think much of them and the one on his neck we were once told was a fatty tissue build-up, so we weren't that worried they were tumors.  The vet aspirated the lumps and informed us later that day (Monday) that indeed all three lumps are cancerous.  I burst into tears (being 6 1/2 months pregnant doesn't help with my ability to control my emotions) nor does the fact that Charlie is truly the love of my life.  He gives me a 5 to 10 minute warning before I have a seizure and if he dies at 7 years old I am gonna lose my best friend, my dearest companion, and my miracle dog.

We have been referred to Colorado State University's Veterinary School in Fort Collins, Colorado and we met with a team of Doctors yesterday to discuss our options. It is a fantastic place filled with loving and caring students and doctors.  So far this is what we know:  fortunately the cancer is currently localized in the 3 lumps so surgery is a good option, unfortunately some of the lumps are so big that they can't get all the cancer cells so Charlie will still need radiation and possibly chemotherapy.  The surgeons would like to operate tomorrow (Friday 11/9).  What a week!

I am very overwhelmed with this.  We have a new baby coming in less than 3 months and the next 3 months are going to be spent taking Charlie to surgery, radiation everyday for 15 - 20 days, and possibly chemo.  Not to mention the high cost (we are looking at around $7,000-$10,000).

Does anyone have any success stories with Mast Cell Tumors and their dogs?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Little Monster Is...

Well almost everyone I know voted boy except for my sister and my mom.  This is what I had guessed here.

Looks like this little monster is gonna wear pigtails.
It is a GIRL!!!
I guess I will never go off my motherly intuition again :)


Boy Parts or Girl Parts???

Today Paul and I get to find out the gender of our little Gremlin growing.  About 3-4 weeks ago I had a dream I was at the ultrasound and it was a boy.  I guess we shall see if I have any motherly intuition or not.

Place your vote now if you have one.

PS. I have something tricky up my sleeve to tell all the parents the gender since no one lives by us so stay tuned, I'll announce later today.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vintage/Retro Posters

I just love the look of vintage/retro posters and would love some for my online singing lessons studio, Charlie Pants Music.

I tried my hand at a couple today and thought I would post it here to spread the word of what I do for work.

Leah Stone of Speech Level Singing International, method to Michael Jackson and 120 Grammy Winners, offers online singing lessons and in person group singing workshops and lessons.

Student's have been on
        • X Factor
        • Disney
        • American Idol
        • The Voice
        • Duets
        • Broadway
        • The Latin Grammy's
        • The Tony Awards
        • Black Entertainment Television & so much more...

Web: www.charliepantsmusic.com

Blog: www.charliepantsmusiclessons.blogspot.com


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Homemade Witch Hat

My sister called me today asking me if i knew how to make a witch hat as she and my other sisters and mother are going to Witch A Palooza at Gardner Village in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a fun experience to get the ladies together, let your inner witch out for the night, watch great dinner theater (This year will be Taming of the Brew), and admire some amazing Halloween Decorations.
Witchapalooza Music Dinner Theater

Many of the women wear impressive witch hats that you can purchase for about $40-80, but I say why pay when you can create on your own brilliant witch hat.

I went to pinterest and the web for inspiration

Here is what I suggest you purchase to make a great witch hat

Hit up your dollar store or Michaels or Hobby Lobby (don't forget the 40% off coupon)

-basic black witch hat (or another color if you like)
-tulle (orange, purple, green, black)
-feathers (I like the black feathers personally)
- plastic spiders
-wire (black if you can find it)
-anything else you can think of (spider webs, toy bats, etc.)

Get out your glue gun or super glue and get a creating.  You have to remember to keep the thing light so don't load that sucker up with pumpkins or heavy spiders.  The wire is incredibly important to wrap around the inside of the top to make it stick straight up or curl around like so
For a cute idea if you aren't a hat wearer I found this on the great and talented Martha Stewart website, a Bat Headband.  Directions can be found here.

Maybe if I am feeling extra creative I will rig one up for you guys to see how I did it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Recipe Fail & Prenatal Yoga

So I guess my idea to have others share their favorite recipe via their blog address was a major fail.  It could mean a couple of things

1. No one reads this blog so it really didn't stand a chance to succeed
2. My readers also don't know how to cook
3. No one cared

I can take it though. It is fine, Paul will just continue to eat the crap I cook for him or the gourmet food he cooks when he has time.
I am heading to Prenatal yoga in like 2 seconds and I feel weird every time the teacher tells me to place one hand on my heart and the other on my baby and then send the baby loving energy. My eyes are supposed to be closed, but I keep opening one eye to see if others are actually participating and usually the women all look so blissfully happy rubbing their bellies.  Wonder what is my problem?

Have a great weekend.

PS. I posted on Charlie's blog about my first fall sighting so check it out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recipe Blog Hop


The time has come that I finally look into the eye of the beast and tackle it.

I can't cook. I hate to cook. It is boring.

I do enjoy home cooked food though and unfortunately my amazing chef of a husband can't just be my full time stay at home husband. Dang it I need to make that happen ASAP.

This is what I need and I propose. All my readers and friends are going to help me play a game. I want you to blog about your easiest, most delicious, and preferably crock pot friendly meal and then send me the link.  I don't want a pinterest recommendation- I want your recommendation complete with pictures and testimonials. Then I will try it out and we can laugh and how bad my turns out.

Good idea?  Today this is what I am trying, found it on pinterest and don't know if it will turn out. It is in the crockpot as I type.

Crockpot! 1 cup pineapple juice 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/3 cup light soy sauce 2 pounds chicken breast tenderloins. Cook on low 6-8 hrs.

I am promised this is supposed to taste great and fall apart in my mouth.  I will let you know.  Please post your recipe on your blog and then post it in the comments so we can all try your recipe out :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It is True

So I guess swearing up and down that kiddos aren't in your future does make for a confused bunch of friends when we announce that we are having a baby.  The rumors are true, I am not just getting fat, which is quite a relief:)

A couple of people have asked if we are having a boy based on the photo announcement you can see here, but I assure you that currently we don't know.  The shoes in the picture as suppossed to be black, I was looking for a gender neutral color, but I think the exposure of the photo made them look blue.  (PS. can you guess how long it took for the dogs to actually lay next to each other and the shoes to cooperate? A very long time, the shoes were the worst :)

Alas, when we know the gender, you guys will know.  I guess we can take bets on what it will be.  Which gender will Leah and Paul tolerate better?

On to more pressing issues,  I need help finding a rug for my family room.  Here is a photo of the room. The walls are orange, yes orange.  I find it quite fun but am having problems deciding on a rug that is durable, easy to clean and inexpensive.  Please help.

Give me ideas or send me links of rugs you think would look good.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Drum Roll....

Paul and I are both a little terrified and a lot excited.  The land of the kiddos here we come.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Turning 30

Luckily Paul turns older first.  He turns the big 3-0 tomorrow.  I turn the big 3-0 on Tuesday.  We are heading down to New Mexico for a fun, romantic weekend getaway.  We will be relaxing in Red River, Taos, and Santa Fe.  If you have been to any of these places and have any advice on things to do, eat, play, etc that would be great.

I have been thinking a lot about turning 30.  A year ago turning 29 was miserable, I just kept thinking "Damn I am gonna be old next year."  Isn't that funny to think that 30 is old?  I have now had time to let it sink in that 30 isn't even close to old.  Someone told me that 30's are for getting comfortable in your skin and knowing what is important in life.  I can feel that taking hold and am excited for it to root.

So dear Paul here are the 30 most memorable things so far

1.  You are the master of the Honey Dew list (thank you for building and fixing just about anything I can dream up and ask for).

2.  Remember when you chopped down that huge tree at our Sugarhouse house and you thought you were so awesome?

3. Our whale watch adventure while in Maui, although we only saw the tale of a whale and it wasn't all too exciting at least I could provide you with enjoyment while puking over the side of the boat.

4.  You gave me Mr. Charlie Pants.  I remember tiny paw prints walking up my chest and a wet tongue licking my face to wake me up one glorious day.  He is a freaking awesome dog.

5. Buying our house in Sugarhouse (Salt Lake City, Utah) and all the many projects you did (mudroom, raised flower beds, outdoor room, my garage vocal studio, the yard and sprinkler system, so many more...)

6. Selling our house in Sugarhouse, (Utah) and moving across the country to Washington DC to go to graduate school together.

7. Our Fall Foliage trip back East  1,776 miles driven over 12 states in 4 1/2 days

8.  Our two week adventure through Italy. Although I wasn't allowed to take a picture of the David Statue you helped me sneak one anyways and somehow it turned out to be an embarrassing picture of just his weiner.

9.  Getting pulled over by Italian cops while in Italy and me eating an entire bag of Fruitellas (kind of like mumbas).

10. The many bike races.  Some that include not so fond memories (you forgot to register and bring cash as only way to register on race day) or when you did the whole race but somehow was no where to be found on the finish card.  and great memories like when we were dating and I went to your Deer Valley race to hand out water and screamed so loudly for you that other parents asked me to yell for their boys too.

11.  Calling me up to ask me if I put glass in your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

12. Graduating together with our Master's Degrees.

13. Packing up the moving truck yet again and heading to Colorado to explore the Rockies.

14. When you cut your toe on an escalator at Eddie Bauer's while in Chicago. Honestly babe, who does that?

15. How much you loved our first doberman Vixen.

16. How you and our current doberman Jack are BFFs.  Although I get jealous cause you cuddle with him more than with me, I think it is sweet of the love between a boy and his dog.

17. Buying our home in Colorado. Man I love this house.

18.  Making out with you when we were dating.  I just loved dating you. You were a great boyfriend.  A great husband too, but it is always fun to look back at those young moments of love.

19. Our first kiss at the drive-in in Rexburg. You got a cool old red truck and put a mattress in the back. I am pretty sure you had the whole thing planned. I am pretty sure we "watched" the "Planet of the Apes" and I think "Legally Blonde".

20. When we used to send cassette tapes to each other while you were heading to Russia so we could still hear each other's voices.  So romantic and sweet of us.

21. Watching you graduate with you Bachelor's. I was so stinking proud.

22. How everyone thought you were gay while in your undergraduate cause you were so hot and dressed well and rode the red scooter with matching helmet to school.  Best compliment I say :)

23. Our beloved movie watching marathons.

24.  Riding that motorcycle up in Rexburg and riding in the tractor on the farm.

25.  Our road trip of the Southern States Spring Break of 2011.  What a fun trip. Remember how scared I was on the crocodiles and wouldn't sleep in the tent with you? Haha.

26.  You giggle gets me everytime.

27. Taking art class together.  Remember that horribly ugly baby you drew?

28. I love eating the creations you make in the kitchen.

29.  Our trip to Australia to visit my dad and mom in Adelaide.  How cool was it to pet a Koala, feed giraffees, and feed baby kangaroos.  Remember how freaked you were that they were going to kick you so you kind of kept running from them with trepidation?

30. Our wedding day in Hawaii.  That was really something special. Love you babe.

I have so many more and have a hard time thinking of all the good ones on the spot, but know that I love you. Happy 30th Babe.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Bought a House

Image: Stephanie Williams Photography

I am excited to report that the Stone house has moved about a block away. 

We bought a cute yellow bungalow with a large front porch in our current neighborhood, Bradburn, of Westminster, Colorado.

Pretty fun. I have been nesting up a storm :) Now I get to pick paint colors, I love this part.  Any ideas for a whole house color palette?  I like grey's and blue's. Although my family room is orange and originally I thought that color was gonna go, I kind of love it, and think it will stay. I will post a photo so you can see it and you can vote.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Parenting like the French

I want to buy these books because I saw this post a long time about How to Raise Kids Like a French Woman on Cup of Jo's blog and I just find it very interesting and several points I would like to follow when I have little ones of my own.

Cup of Jo also blogged about how to teach your kids how to eat by using tips from the French. What is it with those Frenchies?  Too smart maybe.  Check these tips out and tell me what you think.  I really love the idea of not using food as a reward. Smart.

 Illustrations by Sarah Jane Wright for French Kids Eat Everything)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Custom Pet Portraits

Get a custom oil portrait of your pet.  It is the perfect gift to remember your loving best friend forever. Contact me about pricing and to place an order



Monday, April 9, 2012

Buying a Home

So Paul and I are in the midst of buying a house which as many of you know if fun, exciting, and sometimes annoying.  It is a cute yellow bungalow in a great neighborhood for making good friends, doggie play dates, and families. I am really hoping it all works out smoothly.  I have been pinning things like crazy that I want to do to the house, but the first order of business is this...
11827 OSCEOLA St, Westminster, CO 80031 
The house is yellow with white (possibly cream) trim which is adorable.  The shingles up above are not so adorable, they are light pink. Yeah you heard me, light pink.  The picture doesn't show the nature of this situation, but trust me a yellow and pink house is not a good combination. So immediately when we move in I want to pain the shingles a different color so I am taking votes.  I am thinking a nice gray would look great or even just continue the yellow up above on the shingles.  What do you think?