Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It is True

So I guess swearing up and down that kiddos aren't in your future does make for a confused bunch of friends when we announce that we are having a baby.  The rumors are true, I am not just getting fat, which is quite a relief:)

A couple of people have asked if we are having a boy based on the photo announcement you can see here, but I assure you that currently we don't know.  The shoes in the picture as suppossed to be black, I was looking for a gender neutral color, but I think the exposure of the photo made them look blue.  (PS. can you guess how long it took for the dogs to actually lay next to each other and the shoes to cooperate? A very long time, the shoes were the worst :)

Alas, when we know the gender, you guys will know.  I guess we can take bets on what it will be.  Which gender will Leah and Paul tolerate better?

On to more pressing issues,  I need help finding a rug for my family room.  Here is a photo of the room. The walls are orange, yes orange.  I find it quite fun but am having problems deciding on a rug that is durable, easy to clean and inexpensive.  Please help.

Give me ideas or send me links of rugs you think would look good.



Us said...

Maybe this one from Ikea:
Might be too busy but I like it:) Love how you did the frames!

The Huskinson's said...

Yay! I am pretty excited for you two! That means you should take a trip up here before you have an extra person to bring, or just wait because little people are welcome here too!

lauramzhu said...

Our friends just got this one from Costco in Creamy White and it's amazing... and $100 cheaper in the store!

Heidi said...

Have you considered an indoor/outdoor rug? Home Depot has $20 ones that are 6x8 ft and ship for free when you spend $45. Way durable and easy to keep clean - but still look nice and feel nice. So we buy $45 worth of stuff and then return to the store the buffer item needed for free shipping :) Work the system baby!