Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I love Portland...My 1st Marathon

I had lost my pictures, but found sorry about the delayed post.

The first weekend in October of 2008, I traveled to Portland with my girlfriend Jo. Our hears were set on trying to do a marathon. The day before the big day we checkout out the local farmer's market at Portland State University

Took Charlie to a fabulous dog park

And then we checked in, received our numbers, and went to a friends house for some pasta dinner and then off to bed.
I set my alarm like always to wake us up at 5:00 am so that we would have time to get up, eat, get ready, and drive 40 minutes to the starting line.

At 7:05 am I shot out of bed, looked at my phone clock and started to cry. The race had started 5 minutes ago. I called my husband in tears, said a zillion four letter words, and ran around the house throwing my clothes on. Jo and I were out of the house in under 5 minutes, stopped at a grocery store and grabbed some bananas and drove like hell to the starting line. By the time we arrived we were like almost an hour and a half behind. So we started running..

and running...

and running.

And we just kept passing people. I am so glad we didn't give up cause even though we were dead last we ended up somewhere in the middle.


Wade and Katelyn said...

Ummm...what the hell? You ran a marathon? Why was this left out in our conversations??? Le le! I am proud of you! Good job!

The Watkins Family said...

Marathon? Congratulations on your hard-core-ness. Paul, thanks for the great home advice and sound market analysis. You sir are a scholar and a gentleman.