Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Do These Things Have In Common

1-White House
2-Lincoln Memorial
3-Arlington Cemetery
5-Traffic so bad it makes you want to pull your hair out
6-Everything named after a former President...especially George this, that and the other
7-Lots of Trees
8-Tons of Universities

Any ideas???


*Jane Lee* said...

Washington DC baby! There are lots of downsides to that area, but it's so full of stuff to see and do! Or maybe I just like going there because my fave Aunt and Uncle live in Baltimore and they always took me there when I'd visit.

Jake, Teylor and Walker said...

They are all in DC:) How are you guys? I hope doing well. How was the drive? We need to FOR SURE keep in touch:)

Shari said...

im not telling

Brew 2 said...

Are you here?! Are you here?!