Friday, December 4, 2009

Feeling Crafty

Paul and I survived Thanksgiving- luckily everyone brought some yummy food to share and Paul's mom cooked like Julia Child, so the food was fabulous. We had 20 people here, I guess 24 if you count all the kids too. We borrowed tables from the neighbors so everyone could fit in our family room. Thanks Shari for all your help!
Shari, Paul's mom, posing sexily for the camera while peeling sweet potatoes
The amazing 21 pound turkey bird
My Family Room filled from one end to the other with tables and chairs- real cozy!
I think we had at least 10 people at a time in the kitchen, lots of chaos, but lots of fun too.

Also, while Paul's mom was in town we did lots of sight seeing on the sunny days and lots of Martha Stewart type things on the rainy days. I sewed these pillow covers. For all of you who are laughing that I sewed, I want you to know that yes I own a sewing machine and yes I did these pillows all by myself. I also made window valences too! I know I know- amazing right?!

Here is my Christmas Tree- I love it. It is decorated like a May Pole. Shari did the ribbons and did a great job. I decorated the tree with all these old ornaments my Grandma Blanche Richards gave me as a little girl and added some fun colorful balls and such.

Also, check out my window valence in the background. Feel free to tell me how amazing I am. I hope everyone has their trees up and are ready for the Holiday. I am listening to Christmas music right now as I type this (Kristin Chenoweth's Christmas Album, song "I'll Be Home For Christmas" to be exact) sadly I wont be home for Christmas though. I'll be partying it up at Disneyland with my family after Christmas to bring in the New Year...Woot Woot...thanks Mom and Dad!

Love and miss all my friends and family.



Jana's Family said...

you ARE amazing! I didn't know Paul works at Great Harvest. . . I LOVE that place. Does it have a Utah connection?

It looks like Thanksgiving was fun.

I hope you are enjoying your time there.

I start school in January so I'm sure life will get crazy once that happens!

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy Disneyland!

Annaliese & TJ said...

I think we are going to disney land the same time.. What days are you going?

Em and Ty said...

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving Leah and Paul. And yes, Leah, you're AMAZING!