Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well first off, I am home. I made it safe and sound and tired. Berlin was fun and fabulous and I will post all my photos to share, but I wanted to say that my husband is a sneaky little bugger with a sensitive heart.

I came home to find this.

The two pink bands are an addition to my wedding ring. The bands are rose gold with light pink diamonds inside. The original ring is the main ring in white gold.

I didn't take my wedding ring to Berlin because I was afraid I would lose it. The problem with my wedding ring was that it was a bit top heavy (that blasted diamond on top-what's a girl to do) and so it always spun around on my finger and I had to take it off when I was sleeping, playing piano, or exercising. While I was in Berlin, Paul had this fabulous wedding band set made for my ring. It is like a little pocket that my ring sits in so that it doesn't spin anymore and I can wear it all the time.

A thoughtful husband is splendid. Everyone should get one.


Brew 2 said...

That's totally adorable! Good work, Paul! Hey, I have your stuff from the time capsule so we should get together. :) We missed you that night.

Lauren said...

I love that - what a guy! And glad to hear that you are safely home!

mcmullins said...

LOVE it! I really think that is beautiful... didn't know you got that!?! How fun.