Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Give Me Strength

I am only 5 days away from turning in my last grad school assignment.  I am about 4 plus hours away from it being done.  I am at that point where I don't care anymore and want to curl in a ball, eat ice cream, rock back and forth, and cry.  Is this normal?

Please someone tell me what they do to get that extra kick in the behind at the last leg.  I need some words of encouragement.  I think I might even be fishing for strength, is that allowed? :)


Jana's Family said...

does knowing what an inspiration you are help? You are almost there! You can do it!! I know how difficult going back to school (after almost 30 years, working toward a 4 year degree) and taking two classes was. You are in GRAD school and are almost finished. You ROCK. AND you are one of the coolest voice instructors in the DC area. You are just all-around-awesome! Yay you : )

Aimee said...

That does not sound enough like me kick butt little sister! Since when have you ever been phased by school? You have worked so very hard. You will make those 5 hours look like mush when you are done with them. Go Leah Go!! (If this doesn't work I can send my husband back to DC to light that fire I know you have inside you again. He could get you mad enough to get it done in 2 hours flat :) )

Aaron Smith said...

I say curl in a ball, eat ice cream, rock back and forth, and then just get it done. Maybe some more ice cream first. Sorry if we burned you out with the surprise Baltimore trip. If you drop out I will know it's all my fault :(