Friday, December 9, 2011

Have a Great Weekend

Anthropologie Snowman
Hey Friends Got any fun plans for this weekend? I am undecided, but would love some ideas.

I just thought I would share some fun things I have see on the web or posted about recently.

Maybe we should do a cookie swap party.  I want these.

A bike with antlers. Seriously?

Or how about this rickshaw bike from Anthropolgie? I think Yes.

Have you heard of the singer Nathan Pacheco? Check him out.

Back in November I went to DC and NYC with Charlie and Paul and we went sailing in the Hudson.

Love these most famous cities in the world prints here

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Lastly, I don't know what to get Paul for Christmas. Everything he wants is too expensive. Any ideas? I want to surprise him with something great.

Happy Weekend

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The Huskinson's said...

You should get paul (and you) a trip to seattle. I know this great place where you could stay for very little, and it comes with a fun tour guide and group.

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