Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Showers

I have not really been blogging at all during this pregnancy. Sorry, but today you can see some sweet shots of my belly :)

I had 3 awesome baby showers. I am really lucky to have such great family and friend support.  I had one shower in Denver, one in DC, and one in Utah.

My shower in Denver was on Saturday, November 3 and was hosted by my dear friend Colleen.  She has become really special to me and we spend a lot of time together.  She has a baby about 7 months older than my future girl so it will be fun to hang out together.  I didn't remember to take photos from the shower, but here are a couple she sent me.  It was so nice to have some of my friends I have made here over the past year come and support me.  Even my mom made the trek out from Utah.
 My shower in DC was a surprise hosted by my dear friends I was lucky enough to spend 2 years with while living there.  I didn't take a single picture, dang it, so if any of you have pictures please send them my way.  It was lovely and perfect and we got some great gifts and ate some yummy food. Thank you Nora, Emily, Lauren, and Tiffany.

My mom and little sis Kim threw me a shower in Utah. It was so special and perfect and I loved seeing all my friends and family back home.  My mom ordered these great sugar cookies from Schmidt's Bakery in South Jordan, Utah decorated with my little girl's name, Violette (pronounced Vi-o-let).  They were even better tasting than they look, which I think is hard to imagine.  We had delicious taco soup and chicken noodle soup, a fabulous fresh fruit tray, yummy rolls from Great Harvest Bread Bakery, and Izze drinks.  Violette and I made out like bandits and received some great gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  At this shower I am 33 weeks pregnant.

 Here I am with my sis-in-law Sarah who due about the same time as me (we are both having girls) and my little sis Kim who is about 9 weeks behind me in her pregnancy.  Lots of pregnancy hormones in the room :)

I am now a ripe 36 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Went to the Dr. yesterday and am starting to dilate, so we shall see when she makes her debut.  



The Huskinson's said...

You are a gorgeous pregnant woman!

Leah Stone said...

Alyse you are the nicest person I know:) Thank you.