Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cast Removal #2 and Ponseti Brace

On Feb 21 we had to prep Violette for tendon surgery.  The plan was that she was going to need a tenotomy (a process where both Achilles tendons are cut) and then recasted in a new foot flexed position for 3 weeks allowing the tendon to regenerate.  I was sick just thinking about it.  We had to remove her cast just like the week before and then put Lidocain on both of her heels and ankle area.

When we arrived at the Dr and they did their measurements we got wonderful news. Vi didn't need the surgery as she had enough flexibility in her feet. Only about 10% of clubfoot kiddos fit into this category, the other 90% need the tenotomy. The Dr said that Vi had just as much flexibility as a newborn without clubfeet and that the dr would be ecstatic to get this kind of flexibility after a tenotomy surgery.  So no surgery for my little girl!!!

Vi was fitted for her ponseti brace that she will wear for the next 3 months 23 hours a day.  We were given stretches to do to her feet to keep her flexible and were told to do them when the brace is off for her hour break.  She looks like a little snowboarder with her brace on, so stinking cute.

So far she hates her brace.  The first set of shoes were too big and she kept slipping out of them, so today we got smaller shoes and I am praying they will work better and she will stop screaming bloody murder.  This is hard, real hard.  Having a newborn is hard enough, add this on top of it and I think Paul and I are about ready to loose our minds.


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