Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I want to Move Somewhere Warm

I want to go somewhere warm.  January and February are I think my least favorite times of the year.  After the excitement of Christmas and New Years, I feel like January and February are a big let down. Now I realize that is because I live right now where it is insanely cold, yet no snow to actually go and do something outside in the snow. If I lived in Utah or Colorado I could go snowshoeing, or skiing, or maybe cross country skiing. Instead I am just stuck in the house or made to wander the mall or something as painful because it is to darn cold to be outside.

Can someone please go somewhere warm with me?  Seriously.  I don't start school till Jan 24.  I am thinking like Hawaii minus the long plane ride.  For this reason I will post this beautiful photo. Does anyone have a favorite hot spot they like to vacation in?


Shari said...

Leah lets go next week

Lauren said...

I'm with you! Do you mind if Natalie comes too? :-) Hawaii is a bit far, so I'll recommend Key West, Florida or somewhere else in the Bahamas, maybe St. Thomas or St. Barts? I haven't been to any of the Virgin Islands, but I know my mom likes them and they're only a few hours away.