Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Year of Preparation, Not Procrastination

So Paul and I sat down and talked about goals for the year and we decided this is the year of preparation.  For Paul he wants to make sure he is prepared and ready with the education and skills necessary to help him get a great job.  I told him it will be the year to prepare for having a baby.  He told me to take it one day at a time and then his face went white and he went silent. HA.

Here are a couple of New Year's Goals of Mine:
1. Help Paul get a job post grad school, at least be really supportive of his job search, that will possibly move us back West and also be a job in something he will love.
2. Graduate from Grad School in May
3. Teach at the Community College here in Virginia and do a great job
4. Open up a large music studio where ever Paul gets a job
5. Get knocked up.  (this is my goal-I am not sure if it is Paul's)
6. Ride my cargo bike to the grocery store regularly.
7. Do a race this year (either a marathon, half marathon, or a bike race)
8. Perform music more (maybe start a band)
9. Stop talking about things that just create more drama (like gossip)

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Cortney said...

Hey you can cross some of those goals off now!