Friday, December 31, 2010

The Bike Has Arrived

Remember THIS and THIS awesome story about me winning a bike.

Well yesterday this big truck showed up in front of my house!
Inside was this really big box
I couldn't open it up fast enough

 Charlie and I love this new bike. I wrapped Charlie in a blanket so he would stay warm, but he squirmed out of it.

Jack even wanted to go for a ride.  I also made Paul (my husband) take Charlie and me for a ride. What a comfortable trip I think I will make Paul take me around all the time.

Madsen Cycles designed this awesome middle seat insert so that Charlie wont fall down in the bucket. Isn't that so thoughtful and awesome?
Charlie loves his new bike- he likes to just sit in the back when the bike is in the house. Isn't that funny?  He even growls at Jack when Jack gets near it cause Charlie knows it is his bike.
Thank You Madsen Cycles! We are so happy. I will add more photos soon.


Lauren said...

What an awesome bike! And I love that Charlie growls at Jack when he gets near the bike. :-)

Tiffany said...

Awesome about the bike! yay! charlie is cute in it. :)