Friday, December 10, 2010

Please Come Home For Christmas Part II

Alright thanks for the comments and opinions. The verdict says I should stay here, I will tell you what the judge (me cause we all know it isn't Paul) decides.  I guess I better hurry.  I watched the movie "The Family Stone" last night and it was all about everyone being together at Christmas. Seriously awkward movie, but I like it anyway.  I may take my brother-in-law's advice and head to the beach. I like that idea.  Also, I want Paul to get a job that moves us to the beach.  He is looking. Does anyone know of any jobs preferably West Coast? Something that deals with conflict resolution.  I would move tomorrow to the beach if I could. Alas, I will stay here with the 30 degree temperatures and windy air.

Okay lets talk Christmas Presents. I have no idea what to get anyone this year. I am wondering if I can take the "I am a poor grad student and have had no time" approach.  I desperately want to send out Christmas Cards this year.  Is it tacky if I just send out a virtual Christmas card? You know-save the trees and all that jazz.  Also, any thoughts on inexpensive but rocking Christmas gifts that I can buy online so they will ship easily to Utah?

Want to know something I want for Christmas-Paul does not want me to get one of these and I can understand why.  I am sick and tired of having to carry Charlie everywhere in a blanket in the winter because despite my best efforts of making him wear sweaters and coats he is still freezing (he has no undercoat). So I want to get a dog stroller.  I know ridiculous.  But I want one anyways- as long as I don't look like her. That is ridiculous.  Maybe I want this blue one below. Gear PG8030IB Ice Blue Ultra Light Pet Stroller

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Aaron Smith said...

Friends vote stay, family vote come... Biased judging ;)