Monday, December 13, 2010

I Survived Arts Policy

I am sitting here in bed-it is 1:36 AM-and I still have terminology and definitions running through my head from my final this past evening. How do you stop the study buzz? I had been studying nonstop for the last 10 days and flipping through my flashcards in bed every night and falling to sleep with my phone in my hands. (did you know there is a wicked cool flash card ap on the iphone? Get it. It is called Gflash+ and every student should get it) I also think I should make a shirt that says "I Survived Arts Policy" and wear it with pride and ever time I see another fellow student they will "Amen Sister" me cause they know the brain power and stamina this class required.

So now that the final is over, I am lost on ways to fall asleep. Maybe I should just do the flashcards so that I can get to sleep tonight. On a positive note, I think I did fine on the final, I felt confident. Only one more test/paper to go. Thank heavens.

Now I am off to counting sheep. Anyone have any good ways  to help me fall asleep and reading the bible does not count.


jo said...

I'm done on Thursday. Lets celebrate by talking on the phone. :) miss you love you and good luck on your last paper.

Joanna said...

I know what you mean! I totally couldn't relax last night. I was so exhausted from studying so much. I too survived arts policy. Amen, sister! ;-)

Hilary Judis said...

We definitely need at least "I Survived Arts Policy" buttons.

smbraudy said...

That exam and class were O.D. Couldn't have made it without you ;)