Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vote For My Student

My student rocks and I would love see her win this contest.  Click on this link

and vote for Enellshii.  Votes are due Wednesday December 15, so do it now.

You can click on her picture to hear her sing or on link below.


The Hunt's said...

Do not get a dog stroller. I make fun of people with dog stroller (everyone makes fun of people with dog strollers) and you are not 85 and it's not like you're carrying Chloe around. Just stick him in a Baby Bjorn, or better yet, make a baby to stick in a Baby Bjorn. That's what you and Paul should do for Christmas this year. Make a baby :)

Shari said...

i voted.

Leah Stone said...

Katelyn, that is so weird cause I make fun of people with babies :) I will see what I can do about making one for Christmas. I can guarantee lots of practicing though.

Aimee said...

TMI!!!!!! TMI!!!!