Saturday, July 31, 2010

Celebrity Crush-Zooey Deschanel

What is not to love about this quirky, ECCENTRIC, beautiful and Unique woman? I find her enchanting and exquisite and elegant. Many of you have seen her in movies like:

  • Failure to Launch (SJP roommate who hates the mockingbird)
  • Yes Man (lovable singer and moped driver)
  • 500 Days of Summer (emotional and adorable Summer)
For a fabulous wedding shoot inspired by 500 Days of Summer click HERE

She is also in a band called She & Him and I really love her light and breathy voice.

Here is a song of hers called Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? by She & Him. This video is cute and is made to promote the movie 500 Days of Summer.

Zooey was also in Domino magazine back in February 2009 showing off her sweet digs. The space has a lovely vintage and classic feel and I love the contrast of dark blue and white. Just another reason I love her--- she has great taste.
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I also love Zooey because she dresses so fun and has great STYLE and sings and is in a band and is always such an adorable character in movies and I feel like if we could meet I would want her to be me friend and we could jam out together.

Check out her great clothes with the vintage collars and the high waist skirts and the great bow belts and the cute red hat.

Lately I have been thinking about starting a band. Is that way to cliche? I realize there are like a million bands out there, but hey what is one more, plus my band would be amazing (i hope)---I wouldn't have it any other way. I saw this great performance by my singing teacher Wendy Parr, teacher of Regina Spektor, and I was really inspired. So I want to do an all girl band and I need someone for keys, cello, drums and violin. If you know anyone who is 1. cool 2. talented and 3. female that can play any of these instruments and lives in the DC area please let me know.

Maybe I should do my own woman and man band
. I'll see if I can recruit Paul for the taking. Today we were riding in the car and the Fugees featuring Lauryn Hill came on the radio singing "Killing me Softly" and Paul said he would like to be my back up rapper who says things like "sing it Leah" in the open spaces of my music and "what?" and maybe have a solo rap section. I like that--maybe we will debut such an album.

Thanks Zooey and Wendy for being cool and making me want to be in a band.

So there is my celebrity crush. Love you Ms. Zooey.


Aaron Smith said...

I'm going to second your celebrity crush here, but mainly because of her endlessly expressive eyeballs. Like a female blue man.

awilliam028 said...

You are truly one unique female. I love your acting and music. Keep up the good work and stay beautiful. Oh yeah, I also love your

awilliam028 said...
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