Wednesday, July 28, 2010

vintage and classic weddings

I have a brother in law who is getting married soon and we have dear friends who are getting married in a week and a half, so I have been thinking a lot about weddings. I really loved my wedding and I dare say it may have been a perfect wedding, for Paul and I. We were married on March 5, 2005 on the beautiful north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Our wedding was simple and elegant, with only immediate family present (we were missing a couple of members and if I could do it over I would have made sure they could have been there) and my dear friend Jo.

all my wedding images are by Retrospect Studios



After the wedding and a week long honeymoon in Kauai and Maui, Paul and I came home to start our new life together and I started planning a big party celebration/reception. Now since I had a beach theme, I obviously stuck to it with shells and tropical plants and food.

But the reason I post this is to show images of things I would do if I was planning another wedding. I kind of want to renew my vows with Paul just so I can do this kind of wedding too-my other dream wedding. A vintage wedding.

Here is the dress I would wear

1950's Creamy Sheer Sea Shell Dress
or maybe this one (image by

And I really think I should have taken my mom's wedding dress, which was a teal high wasted 1960s dress with a lacy empire waist and I wish I would have worn it and added a bit more lacy to it on the bottom and on the sleeves. I will find the photo and post it. It was so classic.

And I am pretty sure I would have worn one of these bird cage veils
bride and red lipstick
image from

diy fabric bouquet

image from

I really love this handmade bouquet made of ribbons, I wish I would have thought of that because then you could keep it forever and it is totally vintage chic and hip.

image from

and I would totally do a bird theme with tons of bird cages hanging from trees and cool nests on the table.

bird cages

image found on

And all my vases would be mason jars like this

image from

image from

and I love this clever way of leaving a little note of congrats and best wishes

vintage typewriter

image from


image from

How fabulous is this save the date card? Love it.

So there are some of my "other" wedding ideas. If anyone is getting married and wants my help-- just let me know. I did have a beautiful wedding and would do it the exact same way in a heartbeat, maybe I just need to plan a big party.

Please share your "what I would have done different" wedding moments with me, I would love to hear it.


jo said...

I LOVE these photos! I think about this sometimes about all the things I would've done different. Not invited my mother. Done it in DC. Spent money on a super awesome photographer. Remembered to wear my veil. Etc. Ah well. At least I had my best friend there! :)

Aimee said...

ok, that is it! I have decided you need to make Avys a wedding day dream book. I believe this whill brainwash her with the following good ideas..... 1) She will realize she needs money to have a fancy wedding so she shouldn't get married young. 2) She will need to find a young man with the money to help afford her fancy wedding. All goodness :) Love your pics.