Friday, February 25, 2011

Have a Great Weekend

I am curious if anyone else has this problem.  Paul insists on making his side of the bed with his pjs tucked under his pillow (at least when he decides to help make the bed). This sounds good in theory, but somehow he manages to just throw it in the corner of the bed and even though the bed is made it ends up looking like a big mess. Sometimes I dream that my bed looks like this
or this

 but usually it looks a lot like this  (if you imagine pjs sticking out) this is not my actual bed.

I am not sure why he can't just take off his pjs and put them away in a dresser. I realize that I need to pick my battles so I try to let this one go. So my question is...

"What weird things does your spouse or loved one do?"

Paul also can't seem to figure out where our laundry bins are. I am just saying.

Have a great weekend. I am heading off to my college class at Northern Virginia Community College to see my students final presentations. This class is called Overview of the Recording Industry. We have a good time researching and doing case studies on artists like Lady Gaga, Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Justin Beiber, and many more. Tonight my students are presenting me with their press kits. I am excited to see what they have created.


Candace said...

Andy is really good at finding the laundry bin. It's the garbage can he struggles with. :) To be fair though, I can't seem to stay on top of the dishes. :) Best of luck with your battle!

Em and Ty said...

Tyler and I laughed so hard when we read this because I have the exact same battle with Tyler. I end up throwing his pjs in the dirty clothes (which he hates) but somehow he still has no motivation for putting them under his pillow or put them away. Although every once in awhile he decides to tease me and put his pjs under my pillow. Oh men!

Annaliese & TJ said...

hahaha! I'm pretty sure we all used to do that when we were little. TJ will shove his shirts underneath his shirts hanging up on the shelve instead of just hanging them up while he's standing right there...same amount of effort to do both, but must like wrinkled shirts better--drives me crazy when he does it!

Heidi said...

We used to have this battle until I got a little basket for Oliver to put his in and it's in the corner of the room where you can't see it when you walk in. He throws his PJs and his sweatshirt that he's wearing around the house in it and it has been a battle worth solving! Good luck!