Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Love of My Life

Dear Paul,

Thanks for being you. Happy Birthday.  I didn't get you anything by the way, but I do appreciate you letting me buy things I like, like towels.  Please read HERE about how this lady dealt with the fact that her husband wouldn't let her buy towels.  Funniest story ever I promise. This will help you to realize that you need to pick your battles

Dear Sam and Shari,

Thanks for learning about and reenacting the birds and the bees so Paul could come into the world. Much appreciated.



jo said...

seriously? did you just thank your in laws for having sex? GROSS

Leah Stone said...

aren't you grateful that doug's parents did the hibbidy? Just a fact of life.

jo said...

lol! Thinking about Doug's parents having sex is like one step shy of thinking about MY parents having sex. Both thoughts make me want to barf...repeatedly.

but maybe my in-laws aren't as hot as your in-laws. ;)