Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Motherhood Part 2

Okay so I got quite a few responses from my post on being a new mother and I like it.  The most common threads from the comments:

1. Never getting to do what I want when I want to do it

2. I can't take a nap when I want

What I want to know is when did you take naps before kids?  College maybe?  I guess that is one of the drawbacks to waiting to have kids cause I haven't taken a nap in years unless I took a day sick off of work.

As requested,  now I want to know the top reasons why being a mother is so great.  You could sway me either way so you better make it good! 

I love this post on Rock Star Diaries just shared today about her baby learning her first word. Now that to me would make it worth it! Check it out.


Katie said...

Motherhood can't be replicated. It is such an amazing adventure! You can't make up the things that your kids say or do. They are so unique! And they bring pure joy to your life. I once heard someone say that being a parent was the hardest yet the best thing you could do. And I agree with that. With those joys come frustration as well. And although I don't have a baby right now, kids come with a mind of their own. Which can be fantastic and frustrating all at once.

But it also brings you closer to your spouse. I loved my husband when we got married, but I loved him so much more when I saw what an amazing father he was/is to my children. And they have added so much dynamic to our relationship that I never knew could be there. They are such a blessing in our lives. The experience is beautiful and hope that everyone gets to experience it. :)

Em and Ty said...

First of all, we miss you Leah! And amen to what most mom's have said. You do lose a lot of your freedom to do what you want when you want but I'm hoping that'll change a little bit once the little ones get older and more independent:) It's also important to take time alone with your man.
But I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything, there's too much joy and love that goes with it (despite it's challenges). And I think the most rewarding things in life aren't earned the easy way:)
You'll be the best mom. Loves to you and Paul.

Ivan Tuski said...

They are the greatest long term project you will ever undertake...and when they begin to leave and you glimpse a house without them (which is another blog altogether) realize that they are the most important and amazing part of your is so easy is one decision you will never ever regret.

Ivan Tuski said...

ps - ivan tuski didn't say that - his wife did :)

Lauren said...

I took naps all the time before becoming a mom, but then again I was still in college.

Being a mother has a lot of wonderful benefits that come with the job. The "I love you's" they say that melt your heart, watching them accomplish something on their own, tucking them into bed at night with a story, and getting those lovable, squishy, hugs. When they get a long with their siblings and tell them "I love you" (your heart will just about explode). Having a constant companion by your side that thinks everything you do is great (at least for now:). Making chocolate chip cookies with them on stormy days, and feeling pure joy when you get moments like that. I could honestly go and on. Each mother will have their own unique experience with motherhood, ultimately it will be the attitude you have going into that will make all the difference. Motherhood is a tough job, but well worth it.

Lindsey Walker said...

You may not know me and I hope it doesn't bother you that I read your blog because I was "good friends" with Paul a LONG time ago. I just love that he has a down to earth, funny, smart girl in his life.

My husband and I waited almost 7 years to have our first child and it was the best decision we ever made. We got to know each other really well, and we got to live our lives. It really does change everything when you have a child.

On that note, having a baby is the best thing that ever happened to us. I love everything about being a mom and my little boy is my whole word. I can't be selfish anymore and I can't sleep when I want, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Take the plunge... it is so worth it!

The Sullengers said...

It is hard to be a mom - harder than any job I've worked! But more rewarding than anything I've ever done! Each day has it's moments of despair and stress but it also has it's wonderful surprises - like the first time both my kids smiled at me or when my 2 year old says and does the funniest things. Also a HUGE rewarding day was when my 2 year old told me he loved me without me saying it first! Best day ever! I agree that you have to find balance - I have to find me time in the day - to exercise, or browse the internet, then being a mom is so much more easy!