Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Motherhood

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Today I am thinking about new moms and babies.

I love it when I run into a new mother and I ask her how being a mother is going and she gives me this total look of panic and then continues to tell me how hard it is and gives me tons of advice on waiting till I am ready to have kids and to never let anyone pressure me into it. I find this refreshing and so true.  This situation has only happened to me twice out of I would say 50 close women in my life.  So many times women feel it is their job to always be put together, they can handle anything, and that being a mom is the...

Best thing in the world
Their calling in life....and they weren't complete before
They don't miss their jobs one bit
They love spending every second with a pooping and crying machine

So today I ask "What do you miss most about your life before you had a kid (s)?" Come on new moms I know you read my blog,  I have ways to track you so out with it.  No more blog stalking, I want a response.


Katie said...

Wow- I hardly remember the days before kids... but I miss being able to do what I want- WHEN i want to do it. It isn't about you anymore. It is about your kids and your family. And truthfully, that is a little bit hard to do. I still have a hard time finding that balance in my life.

In the very same moment- it is fantastic to have that little one that wants YOU more than anything. It is a beautiful experience.

And the best part about it is that it is your story! And you do what is best for your family. And when it is your turn- stick to your guns. You know your family the best- and what is best for your family!

It is a beautiful time in life. :)

The Hunt's said...

Taking a nap whenever I damn well please. Or getting my errands done in 30 mins vs. 2 hours. or sleeping a solid 8-10 hours a night.

But... those little faces smiling at you or jabbering away while you are working through your errands at a snails pace make it not so bad.

The Hunt's said...

And my abs. How could I forget my abs.

Leah Stone said...

Katelyn, What if I already have lost my abs and I haven't even had kids yet? I am totally screwed.

Heidi said...

sleeping in...and I never had abs so I guess I can't miss 'em... :) PS We want to go to Estes Park next Spring to camp - want to come?

*Jane Lee* said...

There are lots of things you'll miss when you have kids but there are so many things you are missing because you don't have kids. You asked what was missed, so maybe in another post you can ask people what they've gained about having kids. Miss: the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, at whatever time you want with your husband. Also, when you have kids, you pretty much have to pack up your whole house to go anywhere. I miss having a purse with just MY things on it. I miss having peace and quiet with my husband. I miss staying up late because I wanted to. Now I fall asleep at 9. I feel old. I miss people asking me how I am. Now they just say,"How are the boys?" Oh, me? I'm fine. Oh, you don't care? Oh. I miss shopping by myself FOR HOURS to look at every little thing. Now it's IN then OUT as fast as possible. Oh, gotta go, my 2 year old is on top of the fridge. Yes, on top. Oy ME!

Lauren said...

I'm not a new mom so does my comment count? I miss being able to do what I want, at anytime I please. I miss being able to lock myself in a room to take a nap uninterrupted. I miss peace and quiet. I have my kids on sleeping schedules, which does help, with me time, and time alone with nathan. That being said, being a mom is very rewarding, and very hard all at once. I think it's hard because even after years of having kids, I still can be pretty selfish, but I love being home, and being in control of mine and the kids schedule. I am really glad we started our family when we did though, because I'm already running out of steam, and I can't wait for the second honey moon gaze in life. :) Motherhood is great, so dont wait, thats my advice.