Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Ago

iwo-9-11-finalMy dearest friend Katelyn posted an eloquently written story about her experience coupled with my experience of that dreadful day ten years ago. Please read it. Here is hers and here is mine. As I read the names of those on United flight 93 I am sick with grief to think what if...what if I had used my dad's United miles...what if he wasn't inspired to tell me to use his Continental miles instead?  What if the terrorists decided to take my plane instead?  How terrifying that must have been for those on board.  Both of our planes left an hour apart from each other at the same airport.  My heart is heavy and tears are right at the surface.  I think of that dear family that housed me in Houston, Texas.  I think of the fear that that day brought to so many.  My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones to such a tragic act of violence.

Like Katelyn so beautifully expressed...
September 11, 2001 was THE defining political moment of my generation. Much like the assignation of Martin Luther King Jr., or the bombing of Pearl Harbor was to those before me. The image of 3 firefighters raising a flag at Ground Zero has become as iconic and recognizable to me as the image of 6 soldiers raising a flag a top Mount Iwo Jima is to my grandparents. It’s hard to believe a decade has past since that harrowing day, I can remember so much of it, so vividly, I think we all can. I give it several moments of my thoughts every year and tomorrow may get a few more. I love my country. I love the hope and opportunity it resonates. I hope this ten year anniversary can help us, or remind us of that commonality we once all shared there for a while. As we heard so often those several months following…May God continue to bless the USA.  

The coverage in New York Magazine has been beautiful. 

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