Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hot Potato

That is what one guy is calling me after watching me play in my first rugby match. Every time I got the ball I would immediately pass it on as if it was the kiss of death. Funny how that works. You would think I would want the ball cause maybe I could score a try or at least help gain some yardage and receive fame and glory from my teammates. But the truth of the matter is that getting the ball means getting chased and tackled. Getting tackled meast having big girls break my bones and broken bones means difficulty in life :)

Which explains the hot potato passing.  Not what I recommend since I wasn't actually looking for my teammate, I was more just hucking it to the side and hoping she was there to catch it.  Who knew that maybe it is important to look where I am throwing the ball. I am working on that.  I might actually be getting better at this game.  I might actually understand about 10% of what is going on, which is a huge improvement.  But I do love my teammates.  I am feeling more and more accepted and that is a cool thing to find something like this at 29 years old. I thought my chances of being a cool athlete were behind me (who am I kidding...it never happened) so this is fun for me.

Did I mention that I have another game Saturday.  Want to come cheer us on?

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