Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year's Kisses

Okay so I am a little late in posting about the New Year, but I do hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's Eve and rang in the New Year with a smooch.  I remember a couple of awesome New Year's kisses when I was younger and let me share.

1. Bret Baker (who looked like Elijah Wood and at that time Elijah was really famous so it was extra awesome that my boyfriend looked like someone who was hot and famous): our first kiss was New Year's Eve and we had been dating and were both really nervous. I think I was like 16 at the time.  All of Bret's friends were standing around singing "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid which made the whole situation incredibly awkward. It is still a funny memory though so thanks for that Bret.

2. This one is for you Katelyn Banks Hunt. Remember the New Year's where you, Kelly and I all kissed the same guy? Kind of scandelous but he was so incredibly good looking that it didn't matter. I would like to point out that while he only pecked the two of you, I got like a 10 second open mouth kiss. Awesome.

3. New Year after getting engaged to Paul.  Most favorite New Year's Kiss.

So please share, does anyone have a fun New Year's Kiss memory?  I want to hear it.

Ps. did anyone see the movie New Year's. Was it any good?
image via Justin Beiber singing in NYC for New Year's Eve 2011-2012
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Katelyn & Wade said...

LOL! First Night. Good times. Good times that I am so glad have moved to much better times. And much better, albeit less scandalous kisses.