Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Heart Boulder, Colorado and its Weather


I have a secret for you. Ssshhh don't tell anyone, but the weather in Boulder and the surrounding areas (Louisville, Lafayette, Broomfield, Denver) is absolutely amazing year round.  It is January 10 and today it is going to be almost 60 degrees F (I think 58) with full sunshine.  On Thanksgiving it was 70 this year, and right before christmas it was 65, and last week we had a couple of 60 plus degree days.

I know all you lucky Californians think, well today it will be 75, but what you don't get is a variety to your weather.  Tomorrow it is going to snow (yes!) in Colorado and Thursday it will be sunny again and like 55.

Did you know that this area is one of the sunniest areas in America? Well it is, like over 300 days of sunshine a year.  Amazing.  I grew up in Salt Lake City and loved the weather from like May through November and then hated winter because of the blasted inversion. 
Some winter days in SLC are beautiful like they are in CO, but many a times it was so smoggy that you couldn't even see 20 feet in front of you.  Also, moving to CO from Virginia I have to say I much prefer CO to the DC area. I have no humidity, I see the sun all the time, and it doesn't rain every stinking day. I heart Boulder. Plus Boulder has bike to work day twice a year. Winter Bike Work Day and past Summer Bike to Work Day

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The Hunt's said...

I must say the snow is rather lovely. Let's call it a tie.