Monday, September 27, 2010

Birdcage Chandelier

I want to make a cool art piece for my bedroom or dining room, and I found this cool bird chandelier idea online and thought "hey I want to make that."

The chandelier was part of an "eco makeover" of Kerry Washington's apartment for the June issue of O: The Oprah Magazine by the green living expert Danny Seo and his inspiring makeovers at his blog

This is how Danny says it is done...

I took a $9.99 paper light fixture from Ikea and ripped off the paper to expose the wire ribs. Then I wrapped the frame in chicken wire from Lowe's and added branches and craft store birds from Michael's.

"It was inspired by a $2,000 version I saw in an antique store and thought . . . 'I could make that.'"


Isn't this cool?


Aaron Smith said...

Avyrlie would like one with fruit bats. The zoo has warped my children ;)

Aimee said...

This is my idea of a nightmare.... swarming birds inside my house.....YIKES!!!

Leah Stone said...

You better watch out cause now I know what to make Avyrlie for Christmas and I will make it extra big to scare you Aimee!! Fruit bats and birds here we go!