Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling Inadequate

Grad School is hard.

I have a professor who I think is not my biggest fan, and that is putting it lightly. Every time I speak up in class and try to give my not so eloquent answer to her confusing questions, she makes this face and says something like " That isn't what I was looking for. What does someone else think?" or "Hmmm...well kind of. Did you mean to say this..." and then she says something totally different and way more philosophical than anything I could ever muster up.

I also have to write papers for her class. I have to turn in one a week. Every week that I get mine back it is covered in red pen as if my paper was so horrible that she stabbed herself out of shear terror of my stupidity and bled all over my work. I look around at my classmates work and see comments like "nice work" or "good job" but my paper never has anything encouraging. I have always thought of myself as a pretty decent writer. I usually get great grades on my essays and papers and even scored 5.5 out of 6 on my GMAT writing section. (yeah me)

So why, I ask, do I suck so bad at this class? I have had this teacher before and got the same remarks. I have her for two classes this semester. I just wish she could maybe boost me up a bit after she bludgeons me into the depths of inadequate despair.

Is anyone out there an amazing English major/philosopher? Could someone please help me to maybe get a paper back with a smiley face or a gold star?

I think I am going to have my teacher read this article. Maybe at least then my paper will look like blueberry swirl.


pro said...

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Jana's Family said...

I had a RS teacher that was that way every time I made a comment during her lesson. . . I hated it. I finally stopped making comments when she taught. She had just been released as RS president.

I am in a low-level English class compared to your grad school stuff (English 2010) but I would be willing to proof your papers. I enjoy doing that. My highest qualification is I placed first in my English 1010 class last semester and got a 93% on my first paper this semester. The prof told me it was an excellently (I know it's a bad word!) written paper, but not quite what she was looking for, thus she docked me. I was honestly expecting a lower grade when she told me that. She then told me that I wouldn't want to re-write it as she handed it to me. We can't rewrite a paper in her class unless we score below a 90%. I was totally happy with the 93%. We also have to proof other student's papers. I like proofreading.

Let me know if you would like me to help. Sorry you are having a horrible experience. What classes do you have from her? I hope they aren't psychology classes! haha

Doug said...

Uh . . . i guess i started looking at your blog cause you had commented on one of Jo's posts and i clicked your name and here we are. i hope this doesn't sound as condescending to you as it does to me writing it, but if you really need any help with papers, i could take a gander. if you want.