Friday, September 10, 2010

Autumn Is Beginning

The weather is finally cooling down in Virginia. This past summer all I could think of was my life if I lived in cool Monterey, California. I would search for houses and jobs on the internet and imagine my life somewhere else. This is not so good if you are trying to live in the moment.

I am not really one to enjoy humidity. I didn't think I would hate it so much, but man this summer was terrible. I think I really am a weather person. Where ever I live it is going to have to have good weather, at least my definition of good weather and that includes no inversion (all you Salt Lake City Slickers know what I am talking about), and no humidity.

Anyways, here are some picture from last year in Virginia and show a couple of things I am looking forward to this fall.

Have a Happy Weekend.

I have about 600 pages to read by Monday. Boo on Grad School.

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