Friday, October 1, 2010

Hanging With Baby Farm Animals

On Wednesday Paul and I went to the Cox Farms Fall Festival. There was like a million little kiddos running around and I assume this Festival is designed for children, but hey I felt like one of them all day and it was great. I was running around and screaming with excitement at all the baby animals, and we did potato sack slides, a corn maze, and a hay ride.

Here are some adorable 2 week old piglets. Doesn't the Mama's boobs look like they have got to be in pain. Ouch.

And I met Butternut the Cow

and I got to tug on her nipple and meet her adorable babies.

And of course I fed baby goats.

I was the most popular one in the pen. They kept jumping on me and one even tried to ram me with his horns, which kind of hurt and then of course they all got crap-literal crap- on my clothes.

I also bought myself a huge bag of Kettle Corn, Paul got a half gallon of yummy apple cider, and we got 2 free pumpkins when we left. I love being a kid sometimes. Happy Fall! Go do something fun this weekend. Paul and I are going on a date tonight to Ikea. Fun for me and Hell for Paul. What are your plans?

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Aimee said...

Love it! Looks like fun (except for the yucky crap)... Did you ever get to feed the baby lambs on Grandpa Sutliff's property in Spring City? I can't remember if you were old enough or not. But seeing you pictures made me want a baby lamb for Avyrs :)