Friday, October 15, 2010

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

This recipe is absolutely fantastic and my bestest friend Jo, blogged about wanting a good soup recipe. I made this soup for her and her hubby once and I am pretty sure they loved it (maybe they were just being polite). I am not sure if I ever shared the recipe with Jo, so here it is. (sorry it is a bit blurry) I got this recipe from a friend named Bethany when we were in cooking group together. I think everyone will enjoy this soup.

Make this recipe tonight, rent a sexy movie, grab a cozy blanket and have a great weekend making out with someone you love. xoxox

Oh how I love this time of year- except for the fact that it is midterms. That I do not love one bit, but I do love these Halloween decorations.


Aimee said...

YUMMO! I love that idea... Humm, who to smooch??? My husband is always downstairs, so I need to find someone that isn't a troll...

jo said...

LOVE this soup! Thanks for posting it.

Tyler-n-Terrah Harper said...

I've been wanting a new recipe for chicken noodle soup, so I was extra excited to stumble on your post!


~ Terrah Conrad Harper :)