Thursday, March 3, 2011

Buying the Caged Free Eggs

Do you spend twice the amount to buy caged-free eggs? Recently, Paul and I have switched to caged-free as I watched an intense video on battery-caged hens and it made me realize that it was worth the extra money to know I wasn't helping fund their animal cruelty. Here is an interesting article by the Humane Society on the subject. Tell me what you think. 


Ems said...

Aaron is a vegetarian so eggs are a protein staple for us and since we saw Food, Inc. ( we switched to only cage-free eggs. The real takeaway message of the documentary is that every one of us is making a statement with our grocery decisions and if we stop buying the things that are harmful to animals, the earth or ourselves, they will stop being produced.

Leah Stone said...

Thanks Emily. I totally agree. I am going to watch that documentary. I think it is free on Thanks for the comment.

Lauren said...

We actually have 7 of our own chickens, and they are very endearing (when they don't poop on my front porch). The picture you posted is just what our eggs look like, they are beautiful and yummy. You should watch the movie Food Inc. It's pretty scary.