Monday, March 14, 2011


So Paul and I have packed up the car once again for a week long adventure. In the fall we headed north to look at the leaves and so this spring for our spring break we have decided to find the warm weather and head south.

Last night we camped at this great KOA in Wilmington, North Carolina and I woke up refreshed and excited about being with nature.

We spent today traveling along the coast in North and South Carolina stopping at beaches at sights of interest. We toured a navy battleship, which was amazing! I have no idea how those men stayed on those boats for so long.

Tonight we are in South Carolina just north of Savannah, Georgia. We pulled into a camp sight and noticed that there is only one sight for a tent and everything else is for cabins or RVs. Why do you think there is only one tent spot? I think it is for the person dumb enough to camp in a tent 40 feet from an alligator pond, that is why. So tonight dear friends I write to tell you that camping is not always like it is in the pictures and movies. Paul is sleeping in the tent with Jack ( the Doberman) and Charlie and I are hiding away in the car! I wonder if I am just a big wuss?

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Annaliese & TJ said...

Sounds like so much fun! Take lots of pictures-let's have game night when you get back!