Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike

Today I am grateful for Best Friends.  One of my dearest friend's birthday is this weekend-you know who you are-and I am always amazed by our similar interests. For the longest time I have wanted to post about this country farmhouse that I love. I even bookmarked the photos, which are exactly the same as the ones my friend Jo just posted on her blog Little Jo Home.  I think Jo beautifully describes one of my secret little passions, to live the quiet country life.  And then I think about all the quiet in the country and my alter ego says YOU WOULD GO CRAZY and so I dream of living in Manhattan. So there you have it.  In honor of my conflicting worlds, I give you a couple of photos.

The Emerson Farm

Check out the rest of the photo shoot of the Farm here.

And ah-Beautiful NYC

Central Park in the Winter

The beautiful Lincoln Center
Does anyone recognize this?  This is the street Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) lived on.

(And on a side note-Jo you wear those cowboy boots with pride - cowboy boots will always make me feel sexy).

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jo said...

You are the sweetest! I just love you. We are extraordinarily similar aren't we (key differences being only that you are quite a bit sexier) but other than that... love you the most!