Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

I have been partially on a STAYCATION and also on a real vacation this past Thanksgiving weekend, so I apologize for not posting on what I am grateful for. I am still grateful for things even if I didn't post everyday like I said I would this month. So here are my past grateful moments ...

Friday- I think we pretty much did nothing but hit up a few stores and then got in the car and drove down south.  We did stop at Williamsburg in the evening, which was decorated so beautifully for Christmas. Today I was grateful for just spending time with Paul and having no exact schedule. I think this was the first time in several weeks we were able to just hang out.

Saturday- We went to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. I had never been there before and wanted to go and see the beach.  We saw the Wright Brothers Memorial where they took their first flights at Kitty Hawk.  This was so much fun and so cool and if you ever get the chance I totally recommend that you go.  Paul was in heaven. So I am grateful for their perseverance so that now I can fly home to visit my family whenever I want.

Sunday- I saw the house from the Nights in Rodanthe movie. It was so awesome.
Then we drove home, hung out and pretended like we had no responsibilities.
I am grateful for getting this nice break in my crazy world.

Don't be fooled I wrote about 7 pages of homework and read a book for school during my break- so sadly it wasn't all fun.

Today I am grateful that I made it through another day of lectures at school and now only have one more Monday of lectures left.  Yeah Me.

To celebrate lets look at pretty pictures of snowy scenes cause I am in the mood for a White Christmas.

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