Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Being Me-Last Day of Gratitude 2010

I am grateful and happy to be me. Can I say that without sounding conceited? I am not saying I am amazing or extra cool or even special, I am just saying I am happy and grateful for my life.

There have been times where I wasn't grateful at all to be me, but as I have matured and grown-up (well kind of grown-up) and gone through some hard times (seizures) and I guess I have learned the importance of loving myself.

There are definitely things about myself I would like to change (become a morning person, always put things away right after I use them, count to ten before I explode out of anger at my husband, have bigger boobs, enjoy running, be a concert cellist or pianist or maybe even a conductor) but ultimately I am happy with who I am.  Although I get embarrassed at times, I am grateful that I cry over almost anything-a sad movie, a not so sad movie, a sappy moment, a bird flying into my window and I tried to desperately help it back to life in a Snow White kind of way. I am a cancer through and through.

I am also grateful that I want to do good in life.  I try to be honest, work hard, and get good grades (even though right now I think to Hell with it) and I try to always help old people when I am out in public and I can see they need help crossing the street or pushing their shopping carts.  Wow don't I sound like a saint.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I am grateful and happy for my life and the opportunities I have right now and have had in the past.  I realize lots of people have it rough and I am just grateful that I can give back in whatever way I can. 

Does anyone feel the same? Are you happy being you?  What would you change about yourself or what do you love that is unique to you?

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jo said...

This is so great to hear. I'm so sick of everyone bad mouthing themselves all the time. Why can't we be grateful for our lives and for the person we are and strive to become? I know I want to be happy with that. I like myself. I like you. And I think we are bff's because we can both say that. (you can say that, right?) ;)

Shari said...

Love the list Leah, I might steal it. See you soon???