Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monogram Corkboard

I really like this and want to make a big S one.

Click here to get the tutorial.

image and tutorial via the ever fabulous Martha Stewart.

Today I am grateful to have great S names.  Sutliff and Stone.  I really like my married last name... Stone.  It is a nice solid last name. I like to think that Leah Stone sounds important or maybe even famous-like. There was nothing wrong with my maiden name-I will always be a Sutliff.  It is a bit of a unique last name and a pain in the butt to spell over the phone, but I love my family and my heritage.  So here's to families and honoring your name.

It is definately better than the name Iona Knipl.  Click to read the NY Times article about worst last names.
Or check out this one.  Ha- don't mess with these ladies.
Horrible Last Names

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