Thursday, November 4, 2010

Little Stinker Charlie Pants

birds on a wire seating chart

Isn't this a fabulous idea for a wedding or a big event?  I love the organic, green factor of this design.  Actually, I wanted to do something like this for my wedding, so Paul and I got like 6 large square containers and I started growing wheat grass in our apartment.  Charlie (my adorable min-pin) had just arrived as our new little addition and so he was confused by all the grass growing in the house.  He decided he should pee on it, and pee on it he did.  I kept trying to get him to stop, I even moved the grass up on a table, but he just climbed up there and peed.  Needless to say I had to throw them all out cause they reeked of dog urine and had dead patches.  Thanks Charlie.

This leads me to my grateful moment for today.

I am grateful to remember funny and obscure moments in life and to take the time to laugh, smile, and shake my head.

What funny moments make you laugh?

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jo said...

butt hair. nuf said. :)