Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Joined the Rugby Team

So on a whim the other night, I was checking out to find an organization of ladies that I thought sounded like fun to join and hang out with.  I ran across the Boulder Babes Rugby Team, noticed that they take rookies, and thought "what the hell why not," and joined the team. I had my first chalk meeting on Monday night and last night was my first practice.  Luckily, I am still a fast runner, but am going to have to start running sprints again (ah back to those fun high school days of track).  I will have to work on passing the ball and learning all of the crazy rules to the game.  My first game is Sunday, September 12.  I am so excited.

PS.  Some of these girls could seriously kick my trash. I am just saying I am going to get very close to God through praying for His protection.

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The Hunt's said...

Holy. Crap. Good thing you are fiesty. Do me a favor. Don't tell them you were a cheerleader in HS, you have a cute nose.